CFB S.p.A. operates in a variety of industrial sectors, producing medium and heavy-duty fabrications to order with precision and expertise. Our skilled engineers are responsible for all aspects of the production process, the choice of materials from accredited suppliers and meticulous technological implementation. Items are mainly produced in steel sheeting.

The large covered area of our premises enables us to turn out special items up to a maximum capacity of 60 tonnes, and handle them using 12 bridge cranes installed throughout the area.

We have:

• One cutting line – 24 m in length with  flame cutting up to a thickness of 200 mm and plasma cutting up to a thickness of 35 mm
• One calender – width 3000 mm – thickness up to 50 mm
• One 800 tonne press
• One automated band saw – cuts up to 600 x 350 mm

complete with bending, cutting and welding machinery, manual saws and anything else required for medium and heavy-duty fabrication.